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Asian Business Studies(ABS) プログラム

 2014年度派遣者:7名、 2015年度派遣者:5名
  Elective Courses
 Both SJTU and Waseda students enroll in a normal course load and in all courses where they meet the prerequisites and language requirements, with the exception of professional courses offered by the Faculty of Education, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Medicine, the MBA Programmes, and Putonghua/Cantonese courses designated for degree candidates. Quota limitation, normal timetabling and scheduling constraints apply to all students.
 Both CUHK and Waseda students will be enrolled in the Antai College of Economics & Management. Our college offers the business-related courses on the website as below. The course list will be renewed annually.
 Both CUHK and SJTU students will be enrolled in the School of Commerce. The School of Commerce offers the business-related courses as below. The list shows the courses of the spring semester 2015. The list will be renewed annually. They are subject to change.
-Leadership in Organization (2 credit)
-Human Resource Management (2 credit)
-Management Accounting in Japan (2credit)
-The Financial System in Japan (2credit)
-Corporate Finance (2credit)
-Career Development and Human Resources Management (2credit)
-Tourism and the Airline Business in Japan (2credit)
-International Economic Institutions (A Historical Perspective) (2credit)
-Economic History (2credit)
 Both CUHK and SJTU students can take open courses offered at other schools and centers and some of un-opened courses offered at School of Political Science and Economics and School of International Liberal Studies. The list of those un-opened courses will also be renewed annually and informed one month before the course registrations. They are not allowed to take any courses at graduate schools (including MBA courses).
*It is preferable for Home institution (CUHK and SJTU) to accept flexibly about credit transfer.
 Additional cost borne by  
 students as exchange student
   Single Room
 JPY270,000 to 
 JPY400,000 *2
 Personal expenses
 (e.g. books, daily expenses)
 Equivalent HK$
 Equivalent RMB
 Equivalent JPY
 JPY 536,564